Orb Art Gallery

The memorial orbs are especially beautiful on the LED lighted base.

Hearts and Orbs on lighted<br> bases and Heart stands
Hearts and Orbs on lighted
bases and Heart stands
Clear Gold Silver Orb on LED<br> lighted base
Clear Gold Silver Orb on LED
lighted base

Etching your Loved One’s name or nickname on the underside is included.

We recommend something that helps you smile overtime ❤️

We return any unused ashes with your memorials, unless you would like them respectfully spread in Washington’s Puget Sound from our boat. Christina and I would be very honored to spread your loved ones’ extra ashes about a mile and a half behind this beautiful sunset picture of our Aqua Navy Silver Starfish. You will also receive a certificate including the coordinates for this complimentary service.
Please call Greg 206-409-0337 with any questions you may have.

Artful Ashes Puget Sound Cert Proof #99)

The white you see in all memorials are a thin layer of your loved ones ashes, sealed inside beautiful glass art forever. We would be very honored to create custom treasures for you.