Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm like everyone else and I'm not comfortable removing a tablespoon of my loved one's ashes or don't know how?

If you're local to Seattle we suggest you make an appointment and bring the urn or box in person to our office. We will take a small amount of your loved ones’ ashes and return the rest to the urn or box you bring. What if I don't live in the area? We suggest you ask a great friend or go back to the funeral home and ask them to remove a tablespoon for each memorial. FYI... Most urns unscrew and most boxes have a screw or screws on the bottom. The screws are sometimes under felt circles. This part can be very emotional. We suggest you call us with any questions.

How will I send my loved ones’ ashes to you?

How will I send my loved ones’ ashes to you?

Contact us to have a complete collection package sent to you. We will provide you with a USPS shipping package approved for ashes, including instructions, order form, authorization, a screw-top tin with a collection bag inside, tissue to secure the tin, ziplock to place everything inside, label and a brochure. One metal tin holds enough of your loved ones ashes for 8-9 memorials.

Please place a tablespoon of your loved ones’ ashes in the collection zip lock bag and screw down the lid snug. Ship the complete package Cremated Remains Priority Mail Express mail from your post office. Special required shipping service is $28.50. Our label is for a corporate account, so there is no fee collected at the USPS post office. For Canadian clients, we recommend returning your package "Expedited Parcel" for approximately $23.00. We will contact you when the package arrives and go over everything to be certain it’s perfect. We will return your beautiful memorial by Cremated Remains Priority Mail Express, which requires a signature, special handling and tracking.

We understand it can be very difficult to take a small amount of your loved ones’ ashes. We recommend getting help from a great friend or funeral home. If you're in the Seattle area, we will arrange doing this for you. Just let us know.

Collection Package

final new collection package
Where are my loved ones’ ashes kept?

Within one of our safes. Each production run is kept within a bin and each metal tin is wrapped within your order form.

Artful Ashes
Artful Ashes
Artful Ashes
How do I pay for my memorial art?

You can send a personal check or money order when you return your collection package or pay by credit card when we notify you your loved ones’ ashes have arrived. Please let us know in the notes box on the order form, the best way to contact you when your ashes arrive safely.

How do I see my loved one's ashes in the glass art?
Artful Ashes

Your loved one’s ashes show up as a thin white foamy layer sealed within glass art forever.

Why do I see small bubbles inside some of the memorials?
Artful Ashes

Your loved one's ashes, sometimes create small bubbles inside your memorial. We nicknamed them “Spirit Bubbles”.

What is the gold and silver accenting used in the hearts, orbs and starfish?
Dichroic Gold Accenting has a strong, green iridescence
Dichroic Silver Accenting

It’s dichroic glass. It’s the same material used in astronaut’s visors. It’s a thin sheet of metal over a thin sheet of glass. The accenting is gold or silver in very low light. The dichroic shows green and blue iridescence when lighting is added. It’s especially beautiful on the lighted base.

What is the approximate size and weight of our glass memorials?

The hearts are approximately 3 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches and 16 ounces of solid glass. The orbs are approximately 3 inches across and 16 ounces of solid glass. The Angel Wings are approximately 1 1/8 inches across and 1 ounce of solid glass. The starfish are approximately 4 inches across and 16 ounces of solid glass. 

Is etching on my memorial included?
My Love Stencil
Dad Stencil
Mom Stencil
Grandpa Stencil
New Butterfly

Yes. The hearts, orbs and starfish include a short inscription on the underside. We recommend a first name, nickname or short phrase. We suggest something that helps you smile over time.

How much of my loved one's ashes are needed to create a custom memorial?

One tablespoon for each memorial to be created. Please watch the creation video, to see how the hot glass picks up about a half a teaspoon of your loved one's ashes, that are sealed within glass art forever. We return any unused ashes with your memorials, unless you'd like them respectfully spread in Washington's Puget Sound from our boat.

Please explain the optional, complementary spreading of my loved ones' extra ashes
Dichroic Silver Accenting

We return any unused ashes USPS Priority Mail Express, unless you would like them respectfully spread in Washington's Puget Sound from our boat. If you choose this complementary service, Christina and I would be very honored. The USPS has determined that Cremated Remains sealed within glass art can be mailed Priority Mail. In addition, we require the special handling and signature requirements to match the handling and safety of Priority Mail Express. Please initial on the Authorization to Infuse Cremated Remains into Art Production form if you would like this respectful service. It's a little confusing that shipping fees for your memorials coming home are less using the complementary spreading so, If you have any questions, please call Greg (206) 409-0337.

Your loved ones' extra ashes are spread about a mile and a half behind this beautiful sunset picture of our Aqua Navy Silver Starfish.

How do you guarantee the ashes I send are in the memorial I receive?
New Project
New Project (1)
New Project (2)
New Project (3)
New Project (4)
New Project (5)

All Hearts, Orbs and Starfish have pre-set ID marks stamped on their underside for perfect identification. The memorials for clients viewing in person, will be assigned letters. All others, for each production day will be assigned A1 - Z9.

How safe is mailing a small quantity of my loved one's ashes?

They can only be mailed through the USPS Priority Mail Express with special handling, tracking and signatures. We've mailed over 40,000 times safely.

When should I expect my memorial after I send you my loved one's ashes?

Orders are completed and delivered within approximately 6 1/2 weeks.