Beloved Pets

The response had been overwhelming.

We're adding a new Precious Paw Print to Artful Ashes. They’re available In all the colors of the Hearts, Orbs and Starfish plus black and orange are also available to mix. They’re truly beautiful and we would be honored to create one for you.

This beautiful piece contains the ashes of my Mom’s Kitty we inherited. Kitty Kitty was with
us for 3 years after losing my Mom. I miss them both very much

Our website isn’t updated yet, but we’re ready to accept orders.


Please email me or call me if you’d like to learn more. or Greg 206-409-0337

We return any unused ashes with your memorials, unless you would like them respectfully spread in Washington’s Puget Sound from our boat. Christina and I would be very honored to spread your loved ones’ extra ashes about a mile and a half behind this beautiful sunset picture of our Aqua Navy Silver Starfish. You will also receive a certificate including the coordinates for this complimentary service.
Please call Greg 206-409-0337 with any questions you may have.

Artful Ashes Puget Sound Cert Proof #99)

The white you see in all memorials are a thin layer of your loved one's ashes, sealed within beautiful glass art forever. The glass Precious Paw Prints are approximately 3 1/2 inches across and a pound of solid glass. We would be very honored to create custom treasures for you.